About the Club

About the Club

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Established in 1982, our purpose is to provide opportunities for Canadians and their families to meet and socialize with other Canadians while they are in New Zealand. Of course we also enjoy involvement by people from anywhere else, especially Kiwis.

We hold a number of events through the year, which create opportunities for us to get together. Some of these are centered around Canadian holidays such as July 1st and Thanksgiving. Others are just any old excuse for a party.

Club Committee for Jul 2022 to Jun 2023:

    • President: Syd Ward

    • Vice-President: Cary Young

    • Treasurer: Bill McCutcheon

    • Secretary: Veronica Bird

    • Events Coordinator: Michelle Bakelmun

    • Prize Coordinator: Kamila Czarnomska-Shiers

    • Social Media Coordinator: Position Open

    • Committee-At-Large: Anne-Marie Ward, Warwick Beadle, and Avrill Burchell


    • Past President: Warwick Beadle

    • Past Vice-President: Syd Ward

Club Founder:

    • Sandy Schade


    • Email: canadianclubnz@gmail.com

    • Postal: P.O. Box 147588, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144

    • Membership: Please see the Membership for details on how to join the club online using the membership form.